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The Canterbury Children's Athletic Association runs Saturday morning athletic competition for Children aged 7-14 from late October through to Early March each year.


This weeks Newsletter

February 8th 2020

Quadrathon grades 10 - 14
Ribbon Meeting Grades 7-9 - Nga Puna Wai - 9:00am

Athletics New Zealand Combined Events Championships starting 9:30am

February 14th 2020

Interclub - Nga Puna Wai - 6:00pm twilight meeting with Seniors till 8pm

Modified Programme with limited events.
Programme of events will be published on Monday 10th
No Relays 

February 22nd 2020

Interclub - Nga Puna Wai - 9:00am

Programme 3
Girls Relays 



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Canterbury Children’s Athletic Association

 Inter-provincial Teams Meeting Auckland 2020 Information Newsletter

 Every year Athletics New Zealand holds an inter-provincial meeting for athletes in the 12 and 13 year age group between the 12 children’s athletic centres in NZ.  The event at the end of this season will be held in Auckland at Easter (April 10 - April 13) competition April 11 - April 12). Previous teams will testify to the great fun and experience they had representing Canterbury. The purpose of this newsletter is to inform athletes and their families of how an athlete is selected and just what is involved.

The competition is in Auckland and all athletes will stay together as a team. The venue will be at Kings College where all teams and the competition will be based. There are 8 managers, two for each group.

 General Information

  • This meeting is based on a point scoring system and there are no placings given.  However, the better the time, distance or height the more points are scored for the team. (Points are a modified for children version of a heptathlon / decathlon system)
  • Athletes are selected on the same basis (points)
  • NOTE: this is NOT the Saturday points system for placings.
  • Each athlete is required to compete in 4 events one of which must be track OR field.
  • Each athlete also must compete in a relay.
  • Some of the best NZ athletes started their careers by being selected to compete at this event.


  • There are 11 athletes selected in male and female and in each grade making a total of 44.
  • Athletes are selected from Canterbury, Mid and South Canterbury and Greymouth.
  • To be selected an athlete will have their personal bests (from official meetings) collated over the season and those with the best overall points over their 4 best events will be selected, subject to covering every event. This will be over the whole season. Therefore, the more consistent performances recorded the better.
  • Selections are finalised after the Canterbury Champs.  Colgate Games results are also taken into account (although an athlete will not be penalised if they don’t compete there)
  • We suggest that over the season athletes get out and try many events and ensure they have at least 4 and preferably 5 or 6.  An athlete must compete in at least one field and one track event of the four.  E.g. if you are a runner only you need to be able to do a field event or if you are a field athlete you have to run in one event.
  • Do not compete in the 60 m or race walk instead of a 200m or 800/1500m. It is fine to do these events but make sure you are not avoiding scoring events to do them.
  • Athletes may not always be selected in their favoured event if they score more highly in another event.  This is a team’s event not an individual one, so athletes will be selected on the basis of what is best for the team.
  • NB: Parents/caregivers should avoid trying to workout where their child fits based on known/published results.  Results posted on the internet are not always complete and results from out of town athletes are not always there. The selectors receive full details about athletes from various sources and not all of those are publicly available.

More information will be made available as it comes to hand such as cost etc. 
The team will be selected after the Canterbury Champs.  Parents and caregivers will be asked to confirm their child’s availability by mid-February via their clubs.

 To see some of the previous year’s events have a look at the team Facebook page and search for Canterbury Children’s Interprovincial Team. Feel free to ask any questions on this page or contacts below. Look out for tips in the newsletter and Facebook pages.

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