shoe clinic athlete of the week - weekly winners

has generously agreed to sponsor two 'Athletes of the Week' awards for the Track & Field Meetings throughout the 2018/2019 season.

16th and 17th February 2019       
Christina Ryan South Canterbury  1st - 4727 points NZ Combined Events Women's Heptathlon Champion (PB)
Max Attwell  Old Boys United  1st - 7195 points  NZ Combines Events Men's Decathlon (PB)
9th February 2019       
No Winners      
2nd February 2019       
Martina Conner Port Hills  3000m 10min 20.67 (Personal Best)
Maximillian Yanzick   Timaru  3000m  9min 09.44 (Personal Best)
26th January 2019       
Aria Carroll  Papanui Toc H 60m 8.08sec
    100m  12.73sec
    200m  26.82sec
Jared Neighbours  Old Boys United  110m Hurdles  16.41sec 
    High Jump  1.78m 
    Shot Put  13.46m (Personal best)
    Dscus Throw  45.12m (Personal Best) 
    Javelin Throw  53.10m
19th January 2019      
Tapenisa Havea Lions  Athletic 100m  12.70sec 
    80m Hurdles 11.76sec 
    Shotput 15.68m  Canterbury U16 women's Record
Thomas Fletcher Waimea 100m 12.49sec 
    Long Jump 6.48m 
    Triple Jump  12.72m 
12th January 2019
John Gerber  Papanui TocH  100m 11.29sec 
     200m 22.96sec 
15th December 2018      
Anna Percy  Old Boys United  400m 
54.58sec (Personal Best)
Marcus Wolton  Old Boys United  High Jump  2.11m (Personal Best) 
8th December 2018       
Tapenisa Havea  Lions Athletic Club  60m 7.94m 
    80m Hurdles  12.44sec 
    Shotput  14.51m (Personal Best) 
Hamish Kerr  Old Boys United High Jump  2.25m (PB and Equals Canterbury Record previously set in 1997)
17th & 18th November 2018      
Christina Ryan   South Canterbury Heptathlon  4562 Points (Personal Best)
Hamish Kerr  Old Boys United  High Jump  2.22m (Personal Best)
10th November 2018       
Violette Perry  Old Boys United Discus Throw 34.15m
Javelin Throw 40.24m  (Personal Best)
Jared Neighbours  Old Boys United  110m Hurdles  16.52sec 
    High Jump  1.72m 
    Pole Vault  3.60m (Personal Best) 
    Long Jump  5.33m 
    Shot Put  13.04m 
    Discus Throw  40.19m 
    Javelin Throw  49.07m  (Personal Best)
3rd November  2018      
Due to the wind conditions
No athletes of the  week have been  declared 

27th October 2018       
Fiona Morrison   Old Boys United 60m  7.90sec (NZ Masters W30 record)
    100m  12.38sec 
    200m 25.92sec 
Max Attwell  Old Boys United  100m Hurdles  16.37sec
    High Jump  1.95m 
    Pole Vault  4.50m
    Discus Throw  36.97m 
20th October 2018      
Maia Broughton Selwyn 60m 8.06 sec

100m 12.35 sec and 12.65 sec

300m 42.07 sec
William Stedman  Port Hills  Long Jump  5.45m (NZ Para T36 Record)







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