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Updated Team List Friday


Relay Team update from Team Manager / Selector – Craig Motley & Andrea Hall.

The athletes listed below have been selected for relay squads for the National Track and Field Champs in Hastings 26/27th March.

If you are not available for either relay, or if you wish to be considered and are not currently named, then please let Craig Motley know as soon as possible ( or 0275600766).

Please note the 4 x 100s are on Friday from ~4.30-5.30pm  and the 4 x 400s last event on Saturday from ~4.20pm-5.10pm

Final team make-up to be decided on Friday 11am for 4 x 100s and Saturday 11am for 4x400s

4 x 100m

Senior Men’s – two teams selected from – Tiaan Whelpton, Elliot Nye, Louis Andrews, John Wells, Brad Grooby, Max Attwell, James Sandilands, Nick Ash, Oliver Dunshea, Hamish Kerr, Marcus Wolton and Jared Neighbours

Senior Womens – one team selected from Anna Percy, Fiona Morrison, Anna Hayward, Jordyn Blake, Maddy Spence & Helena Dinnissen

Women 20 – one team – Maia Broughton, Julia Burnham, Maddie Wilson, Leah Powick

4 x 400m

Senior Men – two teams from – John Wells, Louis Andrews, Nick Ash, Oliver Dunshea, Max Attwell, Dylan Forde, Hamish Kerr, Jared Neighbours, Elliot Nye, Marcus Wolton & Tom Moulai

Senior Women – one team selected from – Jordyn Blake, Anna Percy, Ana Hayward, Laura Smith, Katherine Camp & Maddy Spence

Women 20 – one team selected from – Maia Broughton, Julia Burnham, Rosa Twyford, Chloe Hughes, Leah Powick & Kate Davies

Message from Andrea Hall – Canterbury Team Manager as at 12th March 2021 ….

Team Manager’s Newsletter – 2021 Nationals ………. Take 2!   

Finger crossed we are all go this time, and you get to represent your province as deserved!

 Your Canterbury Managers are Andrea Hall (021 168 9003) and Craig Motley (027 560 0766).  Please feel free to contact us if required before or during Nationals.

Transport & Accommodation:

Your Managers, plus a small group of athletes are flying in and out of Palmerston North – Thursday – Sunday.  

Our accommodation is situated in Napier (Edgewater Motel on Thursday and Friday nights) and Bentleys Motor Inn Palmerston North (Saturday). If you have not booked your own accommodation yet, I suggest you get on to it ASAP as there is not much left at a reasonable price.

We have hired ONE mini-van we currently have 3-4 seats available.  If you are staying in Napier, then our accommodations and would like assistant with transport to & from the track, please let Andrea know by Sunday 14th.  A fee of $20 each way will be required.

Canterbury Singlets / Crop-tops:

Thank you to all those who have paid and collected your Canterbury singlets.  

If you have not done so, please ensure you come down to Nga Puna Wai track this weekend during the Children’s Championships.  The cost of a singlet or crop top is $50.00.  If you borrow rather than buy an item, you are still required to pay a bond.

Uniform items will be available from the Control room between 10 – 4.  Ask for Andrea if she is not there.

Please also be aware that our uniform includes BLACK SHORTS, no other colour.

Championship Event Schedule / Competition Packs:

Please ensure you are familiar with the competition rules and check in times for your events, before travelling.

Please ensure you check into the Canterbury Tent in plenty of time before your first day of competition to collect your competition number and other information.  At least one of your Managers will be situated at this tent throughout the 2 days of competition and you can leave your belongings in it while at the track.  Please ensure you do keep your things in a bag as in the past athletes have had to hunt through piles of clothes to find theirs! Our tent area is also a fantastic place to support fellow team mates by wishing them luck or cheering them on while competing.

All scratchings are to be done through your Managers please.

Relay Teams:

These relay lists are currently being reworked, due to some athletes now.  A list will be posted ASAP on this website and are only required to be submitted the day before competition starts.

If you have expressed interest to be in one or both of the relays, please ensure you confirm your availability ASAP.


If you are success and win a medal, please ensure you are available at the specific time stated for the medal ceremony.  A Canterbury medal tally will be posted in our tent and updated regularly, or as you make us aware of them. 

I think that is all for now, take care, rest easy and listen to your Coaches advice.

See you all at Nationals in just over two weeks’ time.


Andrea Hall


The Canterbury Team Managers are Andrea Hall and Andrew Stark.

Send all questions to this e-mail address:

  1. ACCOMMODATION:  If you have requested accommodation assistance you WILL be contacted directly by Andrew Stark via e-mail using the e-mail address we have on file.  If you DO NOT receive an e-mail within the next 24 hours, it means I am unaware you need our help.  E-mail me ASAP, as we have very few space available.
  2. TRAVAL ARRANGEMENTS:  For those staying with the team, we will collect you from Napier airport, so if you know you arrival flight time, please e-mail that to us ASAP.
  3. SINGLETS / CROP TOPS:  Singlets and crop tops will be available to purchase this Saturday (27 Feb) at Nga Puna Wai, from the Control Room building (ask for Andrea Hall).  The cost is $50.00 and please bring cash as NO Eftpos will be available.  You can borrow a singlet, but you are still required to pay the $50.00 bond, that you will receive back when we get the singlet back.  We are NOT intending to being too many spare singlets / crop tops to Hastings, so if you CANNOT get to NPW on Saturday, contact us ASAP to make other arrangements.

If you have any other questions, Andrea will be there on Saturday to help answer them in person or send us an e-mail.  I will be away at the New Zealand Masters Track & Field Championships this weekend, so I will see you in Hastings.

Andrew Stark

This year the Athletics New Zealand National Track & Field Championships are being held in Hastings – Friday 5th March to Sunday 7th March.  All club registered athletes who are aged 15 or older as at 31 December 2021 are able to enter these championships.  Competition is being held for Under 18, Under 20 & Senior grades.

National Track and Field Championships – Selection Policy

The selection of Canterbury Team members for the National Track and Field Championships will be based on standards set by the Track and Field Selectors (Canterbury Selection Standards (2021).

The Canterbury selectors this year are Andrea Hall, Pip Keenan & Craig Motley.

Any athlete who equals or betters the standard listed shall be selected for the Canterbury Team, except if the selectors are of the opinion that an athlete who has bettered a standard early in the season, loses form to the extent that they are no longer worthy of selection in the team.  If more than three athletes qualify for an event, the selectors will decide who will represent Canterbury.

The selectors at their discretion may add athletes to the team, who have not reached the qualifying standards, such as athletes required for a relay team.

Performances must be set under such conditions as are required for the setting of a Canterbury record.

National Track and Field Championships 2020 – Entry Procedure

Athletes are responsible for their own entries, via the on-line system set up by Athletics New Zealand.

ALL entry information about the event & a draft programme can be found on the Athletics New Zealand website, ‘Upcoming Events’ menu.  The link below takes you to their website.

Entries close 11:59 p.m. Sunday 21st February 2021 –  NO LATE ENTRIES will be accepted

Canterbury Team Nomination Form

This year the team Managers will be Andrew Stark & Andrea Hall, with assistant from others yet to be decided.  Napier / Hastings is not the easiest nor cheapest place to fly into and accommodation is very limited.  If you are intending to go to this event, please complete the form below.

Accommodation:  Apple Motor Inn at a cost of $67.50 per person per night.

Mini-bus Transport from Napier airport / Motor Inn / Hastings track / Napier airport = $40.00 per person.

We have a limited number of beds available, so you MUST let us know ASAP if you require accommodation.

Expression of Interest - Canterbury Team 2021

  • Please select W-U18, W-U20, SW, M-U18, M-U20, SM
  • Emergency contact details (name & cell phone)
  • Please include season's best performance, including the date it was achieved. Example: long jump, 5.63m (12 Jan 2021)
  • Please include season's best performance, including the date it was achieved. Example: 800m, 1:55.23 (11 Nov 2020)
  • Please include season's best performance, including the date it was achieved. Example: Hammer, 45.23m (27 Dec 2020)
  • Please include season's best performance, including the date it was achieved. Example: high jump, 1.93m (16 Jan 2021)
  • Are you interested in being considered for the 4 x 100m and / or 4 x 400m relay team/s. If so, please state which relay/s.
  • We have a very limited number of rooms available. We will have minivans to help with transport. More information about costs will be provided ASAP.
  • Do you require a singlet or crop top. PLEASE state YES or NO in the line above. This year you have the option of buying a singlet or crop top. If you would like to borrow a single, you will be required to pay a BOND, equivalent to the cost. The bond will only be returned once the singlet is returned. Crop top will be available for sale only. Cost details ASAP, but approximate cost is expected to be $50.00.
  • If there is anything else you think we need to know?

Nominations for the Canterbury Team for the New Zealand Track & Field Championships close with the Team Managers, on Saturday 20th February 2021 following the Canterbury Championships or at an alternative time as decided by the selectors.

If you have any questions, please talk to one of the selectors or please e-mail Andrew (

Andrew Stark

Chairman – Track & Field Committee