Canterbury Team Information

By now you should have received an e-mail from Athletics NZ outlining the procedures for Championships occurring from Thursday to Sunday.  A copy of the information further down this page.  There is important information about Covid pass requirements and what YOU need to do before entering the stadium.  PLEASE READ!!  


Craig Motley – Relay Selection Conveyor.   Craig will be there all FOUR days  (027 560 0766)

Frouke Geertsma – U18/U20 only.  (021 156 8760)

Rebecca Burnham, Tracey O’Reilly & Rob Hughes will also be assisting the U18/U20 group.


Frouke will collect the race numbers / wrist bands from TIC at the Hastings track on Wednesday at 5:00 p.m.  We ask that as many coaches & parents can come to the track between 5:00 & 6:00 p.m. to collect your squad or athletes race packs.  This will take the pressure off during the competition days.  She will have a limited selection of singlets.   Seniors & Para athletes who arrive Friday

During competition, you CANNOT get into the venue without following the correct procedures as outlined by Athletics NZ.  If you cannot find a Team Manager outside the back gate near the main entrance when you arrive, TEXT either Frouke (Thrs / Fri) or Craig.

e are currently work on the relay teams.

BELOW is information send by Athletics NZ to ALL athletes via e-mail as 4:00 p.m. Tuesday 1st March 2022.  If your are a coach or an adult going to the event, PLEASE READ CAREFULLY!

In this Newsletter you’ll find important information about:   (PDF version of the Newsletter)

  • Important SITE MAPS for the meet now available here. VERY IMPORTANT: familiarise yourself with your POD details including your designated entry/exit points, bathrooms, seating and warm up areas
  • Seating Plan – Thursday / Friday & Seating Plan – Saturday / Sunday
  • Covid Protocols for this Meet
  • Six Key Athlete Protocols to Enable This Meet to Go Ahead
  • Pre-Event Training Times at Mitre 10 Park
  • Physio & First Aid/Medical
  • Technical Regulations

We are delighted you can compete in the Jennian Homes New Zealand Track & Field Championships in Hastings from this Thursday-Sunday 3-6 March.

As you can appreciate, the red traffic light settings have not made preparing for this important meet easy. We have been forced to modify and manage this and other key events during the summer to ensure they adhere to government protocols and go ahead.

To make certain that these events continue to form the peak of the New Zealand track and field calendar in 2022 everybody in the athletics community need to play their part.

As you should now all be aware the Jennian Homes New Zealand Track & Field Championships in Hastings will go ahead without spectators and only key support personnel will be allowed to attend.

All meet attendees in their pod/event grouping will have designated areas of Mitre 10 Park they can occupy. Each pod will have a specific entrance/exit point at the facility with specific viewing areas and bathroom facilities. Our essential workers to enable the event to happen include officials, volunteers, Athletics NZ and High Performance NZ Staff, medics, Team Managers and Coaches

While we all love and embrace the social aspects to our sport, it is critical that competing athletes in pods maintain social distancing as much as possible within the competition arena and other designated areas.

We all care passionately about this amazing sport, but to ensure it proceeds in its modified form at a red traffic light setting it is more important than ever we take the time to familiarise all the information provided.

Covid Protocols

Please remember that if you have been sick, are recovering or are feeling symptomatic follow the Ministry of Health advice here before coming to the meet.

We have also set up an email address at nationalt& to email if you can no longer come because of Covid related reasons or you may prefer or text on 027 541 3211.

We will have a limited number of RAT’s tests available at the Meet if you start getting sick or feel symptomatic, please contact your Team Manager who will contact Athletics NZ staff to obtain.

We thank you all for your co-operation and understanding in these challenging and exceptionally demanding times. If you have any questions, feel free to ask us when we are on site at Mitre 10 Park from tomorrow.

Have a successful Championships and stay safe.

In athletics,

The Athletics NZ Competitions Team

Six Key Athlete Protocols to Enable This Meet to Go Ahead 

  1. This is a My Vaccine Pass (MVP) enabled event. Please come prepared with yours. Everyone needs one.
  2. A custom wristband will be issued to every athlete when they enter the venue on their opening day of competition. The wristband must be worn for the duration of the meet. No wristband no entry.
  3. Face coverings MUST be worn except when eating, drinking, warming up/warming down and competing. This is to ensure that we retain as many of our officials, volunteers and other essential staff who are involved.
  4. Stay in your designated POD/Grouping.
  5. When you have finished competing leave the venue.
  6. Take best practicable steps to physically distance from others when in the venue.

Pre-Event Training Times at Mitre 10 Park

 Under 18 & Under 20 Athletes 

Under 18 and Under 20 athletes and their coaches, support staff may come to train/prepare at the venue after 6.00pm Wednesday 2 March only and will not need to MVP Check/Receive their wristband until when competition begins the following day. Please do not come to train before 6.00pm as the venue will be set up throughout Wednesday. 

Senior Athletes

Senior athletes and their coaches, support staff can come to train/prepare at the venue on Thursday and Friday and will not need to MVP Check/Receive their wristband until when competition begins the following day.

Training Times for Senior Athletes Thursday & Friday

  • Thursday 3rd March 6.00pm onwards
  • Friday 4th March 6.00am to 7.15am and 6.00pm onwards Note: senior athletes must be clear of the venue by 7.30am before under-age athletes start arriving.

Physio & First Aid/Medical 

Physio is located on the grass behind the 100m start and first aid/medical in the First Aid Room in the foyer underneath the Grandstand.

Technical Regulations

All athletes need to ensure they are familiar with the technical regulations pertaining to their event. These can be found here.

Athletics NZ Competitons Team


2022 Jennian Homes National Track and Field Championships 2022 –
March 3rd / 6th 2022 @ Hasting

(including the Athletics NZ Combined Events Championships)

Athletes are responsible for their own entries, via the on-line system set up by Athletics New Zealand (Opening soon).

ALL athletes who have entered will be considered for the Canterbury Team Selection.  The selection policy is explained below.

As you will be aware, the event has been extended to FOUR days, Under age (Thursday / Friday) – Seniors (Saturday / Sunday).

Click on the link below to view the latest schedule.

2022-NZ-TnF-Champs-Event-Timetable-website-version (5 Feb 2022)

National Track and Field Championships – Selection Policy

The selection of Canterbury Team members for the National Track and Field Championships will be based on standards set by the Track and Field Selectors (Canterbury Selection Standards (2021).

The Canterbury selectors this year are Craig Motley (E-mail), Avril Davies, assisted by Andrew Stark.

Any athlete who equals or betters the standard listed shall be selected for the Canterbury Team, except if the selectors are of the opinion that an athlete who has bettered a standard early in the season, loses form to the extent that they are no longer worthy of selection in the team.  If more than three athletes qualify for an event, the selectors will decide who will represent Canterbury.

The selectors at their discretion may add athletes to the team, who have not reached the qualifying standards, such as athletes required for a relay team.

Performances must be set under such conditions as are required for the setting of a Canterbury record.