Senior Track & Field Duty Club / Helper’s Information

The sport needs your help!!

Helpers required at Senior Interclub

Over the past few years the number of officials available to safely run the events at our regular interclub meetings has been declining.  This is a nation wide issue.   Our focus has also always been to offer what the athletes would like, to ensure they have the opportunity and experiences required to perform at their best.

If you share the same goal & passion for the sport, there are several ways you can help.  Some of you already do, as a coach or as a regular official and we appreciate all you do.

However, we simply do not have the ‘people power’ to continue to offer ALL of the events we would like at our interclub meetings, particularly field events.

We have a world class venue at Nga Puna Wai.  IF we had a few additional helpers to run the events safely, that would allow us to offer more field events at the same time, plus ensure we can offer a full six round competition.

Can you HELP?   Are you interested in learning how to operate photo finish, Meet Manager, Field Links or the EDM (electronic measuring devices) … or working in the field or on the track as a helper / official. 

We have ‘on the job’ training and no experience is needed … just your passion and a willingness to get involved.  Just a few extra people each week will make a huge difference!!  You would NOT be required to be there ever weekend.

Contact Ian Thomas or Andrew Stark  ( and have your details added to database of helpers.  Any parent or supporter of an athlete who is currently competing will receive a competition fee or training card discount.

DUTY CLUB Responsibility:

Each week we require assistance from TWO or more clubs and these are the tasks we need help with:

  1. If there has not been a Canterbury Children’s meeting on in the morning, move equipment from the equipment shed to appropriate place.
  2. Help set up hurdle events and move starting blocks between events.
  3. Assist our officials to run a field event. This will be done under guidance and no experience is needed.  Tasks might include raking the long jump pit, collecting throwing implements and recording results.
  4. As field events are completed for the day, various items of equipment need to be returned to the equipment shed, including popup tents etc.

Being part of the duty club each week, offers you the opportunity to see events up close and be part of the ‘action’.

Please offer to help if you see there is a need!!

Andrew Stark – Chair Athletics Canterbury Track & Field Committee.