Officials / Volunteers

Athletics events do not run themselves and we would be delighted to talk to you if you were keen to know more about either volunteering or officiating at our events.

Volunteers – We always welcome volunteers to our sport; in fact we need them to function. Volunteering could involve helping at a club’s training night, helping move gear around the stadium, helping to set up a cross country course or learning to use the technology involved in running an event. The list is endless! All these important jobs need to be done so that the sport can operate successfully. As a volunteer, you get to be ‘up close’ to the action.

Officials – A competition programme needs officials to conduct events according to the rules of the sport and ensure the athletes have every chance of achieving their best performances.

Volunteers looking for a greater challenge can be upskilled to be an official. We offer ‘on the job’ training / mentoring options and can explain the official’s pathway for those interested. As you gain experience and qualifications, there is the opportunity to officiate at major sporting events, potentially at Commonwealth and Olympic Games.

If you are keen to explore either of these options further, then please contact our General Manager, Ian Thomas