What we offer

What is Athletics?

Most people immediately just think of track and field.  However, the sport of athletics involves much more than just track and field events.

The sport is divided into two main areas:

  • Track & Field Events – All events are held within a stadium and involve the three fundamental movement skills of running, jumping and throwing.
  • Non-Stadia Events – This refers to all other athletic events that do not occur within a stadium, such as cross country, road, mountain running and ultra-distance events.

Who can be involved as a competitor?

Athletics Canterbury organised events cater for participants of all ages from children aged 5+, underage & senior athletes, through to masters athletes who are aged 30+.

You have the opportunity to compete in track & field and non-stadia events depending on your passion.  You can join a club where you will receive some guidance and coaching, or you can compete as community member.  Athletics is not just for the elite.  We cater of all levels of abilities. The choice is yours.

Community Running

It’s easy for us to feel overwhelmed at the moment with the pace and direction of change. Our foremost purpose is to help, even a little, with the struggles we are all having, big and small. Most of us understand the benefits of moving, both for our mental and physical health. Can Run has always been about encouraging those benefits to be experienced in our community.

Running better comes from running smarter not doing more of the same. Trying out new events, running with others and getting some coaching does make a difference and means you can run to your potential – a fantastic place to be. To find out more about what Can Run can offer click here

How else can I be involved?

If you are an ex-athlete or simply someone who enjoys athletics, there several ways you can help make the sport enjoyable for those who do compete.

  • Volunteers – This could involve helping at a clubs nights, helping move gear around the stadium or learning to use the technology involved in running an event or helping set up cross country & road course?  The list is endless!  All these important jobs need to be done so that the sport can operate successful.  As a volunteer, you get to be ‘up close’ to the action.
  • Officials – Those looking for a greater challenge have the opportunity to be upskilled as an official.  We offer ‘on the job’ training / mentoring options and can explain the official’s pathway for those interested.  As you gain experience and qualifications, you have the opportunity to officiate at major sporting events, potentially at the Olympic Games.
  • Coaches – If you are an ex-athlete or have an interest in coaching, we have a coaching group that is always looking for new coaches.  We offer basic information / coach mentoring, so that you can confidently learn the skills required to be a coach.

Like ALL sports, athletics will only survive with the help of dedicated volunteers who are passionate about the sport.  If you want to know more and ‘be involved’,  click on one of the sub-headings to find out more information.

Training at Ngā Puna Wai

We have a variety of options to allow people to train and use the facility at Ngā Puna Wai, whether you are looking for annual or seasonal membership or just a casual use click here to find out your options.