About Athletics Canterbury

About Athletics Canterbury

Athletics Canterbury Inc. (ACI), is a not-for profit Regional Sporting Organisation (RSO) based in the South Island, New Zealand. It represents track & field sport, road running and cross-country in Christchurch, up to North Canterbury and over to the west coast for all ages from primary school aged children through to master’s participants.

Athletics Canterbury encourages members of all ages, (children to masters), ethnicities and abilities to participate and connect through our varied programmes and events. Our many options for participation are aimed at improving health, providing connection with others and local community as well as fostering skill development, whether as an athlete, coach or official. Athletics provides multiple opportunities for leadership and for local volunteering through our many structured and unstructured events.

We have embarked on a new era in athletics in Canterbury with the completion of the Athletics Stadium located in the Nga Puna Wai Sport Hub complex in October 2018. This has required changes to how we operate our sport to maximise the opportunity this has created for athletics, which has been embraced by all corners of the athletics community.

We will continue to evolve and include everyone in our sport that will allow them to develop and grow at their pace and enjoy being involved in such a supportive community.