Senior Track & Field

Welcome to the 2020 / 2021 Track and Field Season.

On this page you will find general information about track & field event organised by Athletics Canterbury at Nga Puna Wai.

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What's NEW is season?

During the 2020-2021 season we have introduced a series FIVE Community Thursday Night Twilight Meetings, held during the months of November & December, however club athletes are welcome to compete in the track events.

We will be offering a ‘have a go’ long jump and shot put event each meeting.  While we have not added an interclub field event, if there is a demand, this will be considered.

The field event being added would be one that is not being offered on the following Saturday.

If you thought these were a great idea and you have any suggestions as to how these meetings might be improves,  please let us know. (email:

Procedure for entering Senior Interclub & NPW Community Events

Last season we are introducing some new initiatives to help improve how we operate track & field meetings at Ngā Puna Wai.

Our aim is to provide a more positive experience for all, i.e. for athletes, officials, coaches and supporters.  If you have any suggestions as to how we can improve our procedures, please contact me (Andrew Stark) or Ian Thomas.  We are always open to new suggestions.

Online Entry System for Interclub:

  • ALL athletes are required to pre-enter & prepay for Senior Interclub by 11:45 p.m. on the THURSDAY prior to Saturday or the date advertised if the meeting is not held on a Saturday.  If this procedure is as follows, unless you have made a prior arrangement with Andrew Stark.
  • Late entries on the day (up to 30 minutes prior to the scheduled start time for the event) will only be accepted if there is space available in the event, particularly races in lanes.
  • An additional $5.00 LATE ENTRY fee will now be charged as from 14th November 2020.
  • NO LATE ENTRIES for ALL hurdle events!
  • You are also required to wear your registration number or you risk not being able to compete.
  • Once entries have been received, checked and confirmed, the start lists and field sheets will be created and posted on the calendar page for the date of the meeting, plus a Facebook post, by 5:00 p.m. Friday.

NOTE:  The same system will be used for the Thursday night CANRUN Track Twilight meetings.

Officials Roster:

  • A successful and safely run interclub meeting requires a certain number of officials, particularly for field events.  The on-going challenge we  face is not knowing exactly how many officials there at each meeting.  We have created a weekly programme of events, however if we do not have adequate officials to safely runs ALL field events, we have a problem.  Last season we introduced an official’s roster and this system will continue this season.  This will allow us to co-ordinate who does what prior to the meeting and ensure we can run all events as timetabled.

Duty Club / Helpers Roster:

  • In recent seasons, there has been a decline in the number of graded officials (Red Shirts) and we are actively trying to rectify this situation.  If you are interested in becoming a graded official, then we can offer ‘on the job’ training.  However, there are numerous jobs and tasks that require helpers who do not need to be a graded official.  If you see we are struggling to run any event or move gear around, please offer to help.  Remember, you need NO experience, just a willingness to help.

Ngā Puna Wai Training Fees:

  • This is a user pays venue.  Competition and training fees collected help Athletics Canterbury pay for the venue hire and equipment repairs / purchases.  Please pay if you train there regularly.  You have FOUR options and to read more about these options or to pay a fee, click here.  At any time you are training at Nga Puna Wai, you may be asked if you have paid.
  • Failure to have paid means you will be asked to leave immediately!!

The success of all Athletics Canterbury events requires the goodwill of those who work hard behind the scenes to make it happen.  I am keen to change the culture and share the workload by encouraging athletes and supporters to get involved too.  You might think you can’t do that, but remember everyone felt that way at first!!  Let’s make this the most successful season we have had so far …. and you can be part of it!

Additional Information for Athletes

Who can compete?

Saturday afternoon inter-club is open to ALL Grade 14 athletes, as from opening day.

Grade 13 athletes can attend Saturday afternoon interclub in the year in which you start high school.  For some, that could well be from the opening day in October in any given year or as from 1st January the following year.

NOTE:  We will run separate U16 events if required, but generally Grade 13 / 14 athletes will be joining in with the older athletes, including masters.

Under Age Grades – How old are you next year?

Will your competition grade changed as from 1st January next year?

Your competition under age grade is determined by your age as at 31st December in the year of competition.

This means that if you turn 18 during next year, you will be required to compete as an U-20 athlete as from 1st January (even if your birthday is on 31st December that year).  You can still use Secondary School implement weights & heights for your events in preparation for the inter-school events.

For athletes who turn 20 during next year, you will be required to compete as a Senior athletes as from 1st January.

If you are unsure, please ask for clarification.

Andrew Stark
Chairman – Athletics Canterbury Track & Field Committee / President Athletics Canterbury

Your sport NEEDS YOU! How can YOU HELP?

The sport needs your help!!

Helpers required at Senior Interclub

Over the past few years the number of officials available to safely run the events at our regular interclub meetings has been declining.  This is a nation wide issue.   Our focus has also always been to offer what the athletes would like, to ensure they have the opportunity and experiences required to perform at their best.

If you share the same goal & passion for the sport, there are several ways you can help.  Some of you already do, as a coach or as a regular official and we appreciate all you do.

However, we simply do not have the ‘people power’ to continue to offer ALL of the events we would like at our interclub meetings, particularly field events.

We have a world class venue at Nga Puna Wai.  IF we had a few additional helpers to run the events safely, that would allow us to offer more field events at the same time, plus ensure we can offer a full six round competition.

Can you HELP?   Are you interested in learning how to operate photo finish, Meet Manager, Field Links or the EDM (electronic measuring devices) … or working in the field or on the track as a helper / official. 

We have ‘on the job’ training and no experience is needed … just your passion and a willingness to get involved.  Just a few extra people each week will make a huge difference!!  You would NOT be required to be there ever weekend.

Contact Ian Thomas or Andrew Stark  ( and have your details added to database of helpers.  Any parent or supporter of an athlete who is currently competing will receive a competition fee or training card discount.

DUTY CLUB Responsibility:

Each week we require assistance from TWO or more clubs and these are the tasks we need help with:

  • If there has not been a Canterbury Children’s meeting on in the morning, move equipment from the equipment shed to appropriate place.
  • Help set up hurdle events and move starting blocks between events.
  • Assist our officials to run a field event. This will be done under guidance and no experience is needed.  Tasks might include raking the long jump pit, collecting throwing implements and recording results.
  • As field events are completed for the day, various items of equipment need to be returned to the equipment shed, including popup tents etc.

Being part of the duty club each week, offers you the opportunity to see events up close and be part of the ‘action’.

Please offer to help if you see there is a need!!

Andrew Stark – Chair Athletics Canterbury Track & Field Committee.

Action Photos from Nga Puna Wai

We were fortunate to have Dennis Gin take photos during the season at some events.

Click on the links below if you would like to relive those events.