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Canterbury Inter-club Review

November 14th, 2020

Nga Puna Wai

The Canterbury Combined Events Championships, historically, will be held as part of the South Island Combined Events in Dunedin this weekend.

The one Canterbury Combined Events trophy for its championships, is the Dephoff Shield- Senior Men, currently held by National Decathlon Champion- Max Attwell (COBU). There will be a different name on the trophy this year, as Attwell has had to withdraw due to injury. It will also be the Otago and the Southland Combined Events Championships, so there is a chance for athletes to collect 2 titles- Provincial and Island.

The southern city is also the host of the South Island Masters Championships on Saturday and Sunday, giving the Combined eventers the unusual experience of having numerous athletes competing while they pursue the 7 or 10 ‘Struggles’ that the events entail.

In Christchurch, Inter-club action continues. The paucity of Senior athletes competing this weekend gives a chance for the younger athletes to take some of the limelight.

It is promising to see the growing number of u18 and u16 athletes competing in the hurdles. This is highlighted by the field of 5 athletes in the W16 80m Hurdles field. Julia Burnham (COBU), Canterbury Hurdler of the year, will be looking to maintain her high standard of performance in undertaking the W18 100m Hurdles.

The opening competition of the season by World University Games representative, Tatiana Kaumoana (Te Awamutu), not in her specialty Discus but the Hammer, should be a portend to her season ahead after a disrupted winter. The Long Jump, once again illustrates the growth in numbers in the underage grades with field size of 12 Males and 11 Females, respectfully.

Tapenisa Havea (LIAC) will be looking to improve on her Canterbury record throw from last week in the W18 Shot Put, while Ethan Gow will also be wanting to add distance to his recent new provincial mark in the Triple Jump.

There will be strong interest in the efforts of Daniel Roswell (CHAV) who has been the consistent standout athlete on the track this season. This extension to his range of events will challenge his abilities in a small mixed field.

The Women’s 100m is the feature sprint with any from Julia Burnham, Maia Broughton and Fiona Morrison (all COBU) capable of crossing the line first. Of interest will be the performance of, COVID stranded, Melbourne domiciled, McKenzie Jeffries (COBU) in her first outing of the season. This group also tangle in the 200m later in the programme.

John Wells (CCCA) will be looking to utilize his PB 200m speed over one lap and William Stedman (PRHL) will want to apply his strong winter training to his favoured track event.

The opening Steeplechase of the season will add a bit more to the range of events on show at NPW on this Anniversary weekend.